Debt Repayment eligible transactions cost you less to process, with our program!

What is Debt Repayment?

Intrix is proud to offer industry leading payment technology solutions. Our debt repayment program offers a specialized pricing structure established by both Visa® & MasterCard®, providing lower acceptance costs for debit cards that are used in repaying debt. The Intrix Technology solution can allow a savings of up to a full 1% on interchange rates!

In 2008 & 2014, Visa® & MasterCard® created specific interchange pricing levels for firms that are not banks, who provide loans for automotive, mortgage and student loans as well as credit card debt servicing. These interchange levels are called the Consumer Debt Repayment Program.

At a top line level, this program provides interchange qualification relief to lenders on Exempt Debit Cards (those cards that are not capped by the Durbin Amendment.) The cards that are exempt are all Prepaid Debit Cards as well as Consumer Debit Cards issued by financial institutions and credit unions whose market cap is under $10 billion in asset size.

Interchange Levels for Both Payment Types

How do I Qualify and Enroll?

At Intrix we handle the enrollment and certification of every lending client. Our experience in this space enables us to enroll clients once we have a confirmed merchant account number on file. We handle the entire process as illustrated below.


We receive your merchant application

  • Merchants account are approve.
  • Intrix Gateway is coded for the merchant file.

Enrollment with Visa® - complete and submit the Debt Repayment Merchant Registration Form

  • Visa® approves form and assigns MVV.
  • Intrix codes the merchant account.
  • You receive the Debt Repayment interchange.

Enrollment with MasterCard®

  • Intrix submits the MAID (Merchant ID) to MasterCard®
  • MaserCard® approves, account is coded and debt repay flag is accepted.

We continue to monitor your business for compliance to ensure no issues arrise with either payment brand.

It is that simple!

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Our mobile app enables your borrowers to make payments easily from a mobile device. This means you get paid - 24/7 - anytime, anywhere!

Our Custom Mobile Application

Today, more than half of internet access is via a mobile device. 80% of internet users own a Smartphone. Every time you tap on an app to access ESPN, FaceBook, your bank, the news, etc., you are accessing the internet. With mobile devices being widely available and very affordable, including the major Prepaid Cell companies, internet access via mobile devices has surpassed that of computer-based access. Customize our Mobile App with YOUR company colors and icon!

Intrix helps you stay ahead of these technology trends. We have developed a turnkey payment app which operates on both the iOS and Android platforms. This app can be customized for our clients in as little as two weeks, incorporating your company colors and icon. The app does support API connectivity and can be connected to loan and dealer managed solutions.

Mobile Application Features:

  • Payment Due Date and Amount
  • Past Due Amount - Minimum Accepted
  • Loan Balance with Payoff Amount - reporting needed from LMS/DMS
  • Payment Type Accepted
    • Payment Cards Accepted
    • ACH Payments Supported
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