Intrix Blog: Consumer Survey Infographic—Path to Payments

By Jeffrey Connors
Chairman and CEO
January 29, 2015

 A new survey commissioned by Verifone entitled “The Path to Payments” polled Americans to see where they stand regarding current and new forms of payments. Favorite payment methods?  EMV adoption? Awareness of NFC payments?  It’s all covered here in this Infographic.

While I don’t want to spoil the Infographic below for you, let me say that the survey revealed that more than half of respondents—53%–felt it was important for stores to install devices that enable consumers to pay  with their smartphones, indicating wide receptivity to mobile pay options once available.  Not surprisingly, the desire for mobile payments access was higher among those 40 and younger.

The takeaway:  how we shop and how we pay for things in the future, will probably be a good bit different from how we’ve done things in the past.
We should all pay attention to the data.


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