Intrix Blog: EMV Chip Cards: The Future of Payments Infographic

By Jeffrey Connors
Chairman and CEO
January 9, 2015


While most countries around the world have switched to EMV, the U.S., as we know, has been one of the few holdouts. But with recent data breaches and millions of credit and debit card information being comprised, consumers are starting to demand chip cards from issuers. Adding to the pressure, effective October, 2015, merchants who don’t update their technology will have the liability of credit card fraud shifted to them.

With these thoughts in mind, I found a new infographic by the EMV Migration Forum titled, “EMV Chip Cards: The Future of Payments” quite informative and thought you would too. From the infographic, you’ll learn what the migration is and when it will happen; the security features of chip cards; what will change for consumers; and how the payment process works with EMV.

Prepare your business for this change by learning the facts on the EMV migration.

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infographic1 infographic2

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