IProcess™ Mobile Application

– An innovative mobile payments processing solution that provides you the flexibility and convenience to accept credit card payments anywhere in the world with a data connection.

– IProcess™ works through an extensive coverage are such as WIFI, 3G/4G, or EDGE.

– Can be downloaded from the Apple™ App Store & Google™ Play Store.

– Application compatible with Apple™ and Android™ devices.

– Our swipe solution is hardware encrypted.

– Process keyed or swiped transaction with retail rates.

– Add multiple MID’s inside IProcess™.

– Geotag the location on receipt.

– Capture digital signatures and add tip amount charged if needed.

– Receipts can be emailed, SMS, or print.

– Perform full or partial refunds via Transaction History Log.

– Application is free to download and no additional per transaction fees apply.