Intrix Partner Programs

Turn Your Expertise into Profit

The Intrix Partner Program allows you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

When you become enrolled in our partner program, you will see that teaming up with Intrix is an easy and smart move for your business. Intrix offers many tools and resources to help partners increase revenues and provide their customers with proven payment solutions.

By choosing the partner program that’s best for your business you determine the features that provide your business with what it needs most. Depending on the program features may include:

  • Residual Revenue
  • Customer / Partner / Technical Support
  • Integration Assistance
  • Tools
  • Co-op Marketing Assistance
  • Lead Sharing Opportunities
  • Private Label Co-branding


ISO & Agent Sales Program

Intrix Technology, Inc. provides efficient, turnkey solution expertise in support of our downstream sales partners.  Our ISO and Agent partner offices rely upon our industry expertise, online agent portals and innovative solutions to deliver competitive technology and pricing in their target vertical.  Intrix Technology, Inc. provides efficient, turnkey solution expertise in support of our downstream sales partners. Learn More…

Solution Developer Program

The Solution Developer partner program was designed for software developers and other business solution providers (mobile, e-wallet, kiosks, etc.) wanting to offer robust payment solutions to their customers. Solution Developer partners benefit by receiving significant residual revenue at the same time offering relevant, security compliant payment systems to their customers. Intrix provides Solution Developer partners with the proper tools to fully integrate our payment gateway in the quickest possible manner.Learn More..

Referral Partner Program

Intrix Technology, Inc.  is a relationship-based company that values hard work, open communication and fair business practice.  Our growth comes from partnerships with carefully selected referral partners, vendors and partner sales offices who share these values. Our commitment is to maintaining the quality of our business by contributing 100% of our knowledge, energy and resources to those who join us as partners.Learn More….