Software Developer Partners

The Solution Developer partner program was designed for software developers and other business solution providers (mobile, e-wallet, kiosks, etc.) wanting to offer robust payment solutions to their customers. Solution Developer partners benefit by receiving significant residual revenue at the same time offering relevant, security compliant payment systems to their customers. Intrix provides Solution Developer partners with the proper tools to fully integrate our payment gateway in the quickest possible manner.

Our partner programs include:

  • Turnkey support from initial software integraion through on-going support with your customers
  • Secure, industry compliant solutions designed to make our partners workloads smaller
  • Profitable residual share based on production levels
  • On-line portal for application tracking, customers, referrals and reporting

Our Intrix Software Developer Partner Program allows you to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.  As a Software Developer for Intrix, your will work with a team of industry tenured executives who will assist you in evaluating and delivering the payment solutions that best fit your customer’s needs – from virtual terminals, to traditional  POS equipment to integrated, proprietary solutions.  Intrix understands the complexity of your business and offers many tools and resources to help you increase revenues and provide their customers with proven, reliable and secure payment solutions.

At Intrix, you’ll do business with:

  • Payment and technology specialists
  • Tech-savvy support personnel
  • Knowledgeable, trained account executives
  • Financial planners
  • and most importantly, people committed to helping you succeed!